MICAH offers ministries for body, mind and spirit including contemplative and silent prayer, meditation, spirituality, spiritual direction, and retreat center.  The Family Practice and Integrative Medicine Center also offers holistic health and healing services including integrative, complimentary, alternative, and natural medicine, replacement therapy, natural healing, natural menopause, bio-identical hormones, and replacement therapy.

Our Services & Programs

Year-long Health and Spirituality Program

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For more informaiton or to register please contact Trey at trey.crxpres@midconetwork.com or (218) 280-4917.


Additional Program Options

The Health and Spirituality Program offers a variety of additional healing options to help personalize your program. These include focuses for clergy, add on options, a health and spirituality retreat, complete physical exam and laboratory testing to name a few.

Clergy Program:

This specialized program pays attention to the particular dynamics, challenges, and stresses of being a ministry professional. The Clergy Program includes the tailor made Health and Spirituality Yearlong Comprehensive Healing Program. We have also included the following additional support for clergy at no extra cost:

Because of the added consultations and spiritual direction sessions the Clergy Program is limited to a total of five ministry professionals at a time.

Health Service Add Ons:

  1. Health and Spirituality Retreat
  2. Complete Physical Exam and Laboratory Testing
  3. Massage Therapy
  4. Acupuncture
  5. Spiritual Direction

Each add on service is in addition to the basic Health and Spirituality Yearlong Comprehensive Healing Program cost. Therefore, an additional cost will be added for each Add On service. Add Ons are billed per session. We ask that each Add On be paid for at the time of service. Some insurances may cover some of the Add Ons, however, if your insurance does not cover the service this will be an out-of-pocket expense. We can discuss this with you if you have questions.

Please note: Spiritual Direction is the only add on available over the phone. All other add ons require a visit to the Health and Spirituality facilities.

#1 ~ Health and Spirituality Retreat

Flexible and tailor made Health and Spirituality Retreats are available to you. Enjoy your retreat at the MICAH property located on over 200 acres filled with rolling prairie, quiet woods, and refreshing river banks. Take a meditative stroll along the wooded prayer path, quietly leave worries behind as you walk the labyrinth, or be led on an inner journey of discovery as you travel the pilgrimage route. A place without noise, rush and stress is a place of healing.

Your length of stay will play a part in helping determine the specific characteristics of your retreat. Most retreats last anywhere from a weekend to five days, but longer retreats are available. Choose your length of stay, time of year, and arrival and departure dates that best suits your schedule. Enjoy a peaceful healing time apart.

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#2 ~ Complete Physical Exam and Laboratory Testing

This Add On is for those who wish to have a physical exam and can come to the center for a visit. Available lab tests involve basic screening tests as well as more in depth and specific specialized integrative medicine tests. This is available for men and women of all ages.

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#3 ~ Massage Therapy

Massage can bring about healing in a variety of areas including relieving stress, eliminate migraine or sinus headaches, managing pain, and improving circulation. Massage Therapy works best as a preventative therapy however it can improve an already deteriorating condition. Our massage therapist is specially trained in the Barnes method of Myofascial release and in neuromuscular massage.

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#4 ~ Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the most widely known and utilized Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy in the United States. Acupuncture is safe and effective and involves the insertion of thin, sterile, disposable needles at certain points on the body. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used for a broad range of health conditions.

Learn more about acupuncture >>

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#5 ~ Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is the art of helping others notice and attend to the presence of God in their life. Your spiritual director will help you notice how God is working, calling, prodding, and inviting you to new ways of life. Spiritual Direction is for anyone longing for a greater sense of God in their life.

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