MICAH offers ministries for body, mind and spirit including contemplative and silent prayer, meditation, spirituality, spiritual direction, and retreat center.  The Family Practice and Integrative Medicine Center also offers holistic health and healing services including integrative, complimentary, alternative, and natural medicine, replacement therapy, natural healing, natural menopause, bio-identical hormones, and replacement therapy.

MICAH Frequently Asked Questions

What is MICAH anyway? Is MICAH a thing, place or feeling? Can MICAH be touched? Are you just helping me with a new way of thinking? For answers to these and other questions about MICAH--you've come to the right place.

What is MICAH anyway?

Have you every asked this question? Or, "Is MICAH a thing, place, or feeling? Can MICAH be touched? Are you just helping me with a new way of thinking? I've looked at the website and I still have no idea what MICAH is about?" First of all have you checked out our "Welcome to MICAH" bar on the left side of our site, and also the About Us page? It would be helpful if you read those first.

In our present world we label everything. Bright, easy-to-read stickers are boldly plastered onto everything. The labels say things like: Convenience Store, Methodist, Democrat, Calvanist, Organic, Canadian, Spiritual, Holstein. We no longer look in the eyes, hear the words, feel the emotions. We just glance at the label on the forehead and in a flash our judgment is made and we go on to the next label. Labels help us feel safe. Classifying or categorizing gives us a certain amount of control and therefore a sense of security. So when something strange comes along that our mind can‚t categorize or file away we become fearful, we panic, and we demand a nice and neat definition. Any label will do, it doesn't matter if it‚s accurate or not. Just grab a label and slap it on and the mystery is solved.

MICAH is highly complex, a mystery, and therefore difficult to label. How do you explain something that is the visible church, a community, a place, a catalyst for change, an idea, holistic, a retreat center, a way of life, activity, rest, speaking, silence, a network of listening ears, the slow process of following God, a place to come for healing and rejuvenation, prayer? And so it is not uncommon for people to look at the website, or our flier, and to have their minds thrown into confusion because there is no obvious label pasted on the screen.

Here's a quote that might help shed some light on (not label) MICAH:

"The more I’m hearing about MICAH, the more I realize that it is not just a place to go to or visualize: it’s about a spiritual journey.

It’s an attitude that we can reach for and be one with; it’s community and healing in the arms of God. It’s strength that we can find right inside ourselves. It’s spiritual direction from those seeking to provide God’s peace through their journey as they travel right beside us, not in front of us, not behind us, but right by our side. It may seem deep and ancient in concept but yet is quite a simple thought because this is exactly how God walks with us.

It’s a place that you can journey to for help if and when you need it; it’s also a place of giving, something that will give us the feeling that we can make a difference in other people’s lives. It gives hope and peace in a world that is filled with chaos and clamor.

When you reach out to serve others, you are enlightened and filled. So to me, MICAH seems to be a place to find our reason, our mission, our peace.

This is a place where God’s love is shared, felt, taught and realized."

-Ruth Sanders

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What do you mean by Contemplation?

Contemplation is simply "a deep conversation with God." The gospels mention Jesus going off to pray, sometimes alone and sometimes with others; that is all we mean by contemplation – going off to pray.

What do you mean by Healing?

All of us to some degree need mending. Maybe we’re not feeling well physically, or we’re emotionally frail, or we’re just discouraged spiritually. When we become attentive to our whole being we begin to feel better, suffer less, and be encouraged. When we take care of our body, mind, and spirit we experience more love, joy, and peace in our lives. This process of transformation is what we mean when we use the word ‘healing.’

Are you Buddhist? Is this some kind of New Age place?

MICAH is not Buddhist or some kind of New Age place. MICAH is a Christ-centered contemplative center.

If looking at our website makes you wonder if we’re a cult then you probably haven’t taken time to read through much of the site. A quick glance of our homepage might cause you to label MICAH as something other than Christian the same way a quick glance at the fake mouse in my office makes our secretary jump and scream. When you take just a small amount of time to look through the sight it’s easy to see that our focus is Christ.

For some people the prayer practices (lectio divina, the prayer of examen, the Jesus prayer, silent prayer, etc.) cause them to wonder if we’re New Age or Buddhist (someone even wondered if we were New Age and Eastern Orthodox, an idea that would offend both New Age groups and the Eastern Orthodox Church!). Praying by using Scripture, listening, silence, meditation, creativity, symbol, and body are all ways used to seek the signs of Jesus in our everyday lives. Some of these ways of praying may seem Buddhist or New Age simply because they’re not what we’re used to. Many of us learned that prayer meant bowing your head and closing your eyes and reciting a formula or asking for help. Could it be that prayer is much more than that? These "new" ways of praying may seem weird or scary but the truth is Christians have used these various forms of prayer to listen to and be attentive to God for hundreds of years. Don’t let the unfamiliar frighten you away.

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Isn’t that cross some kind of Sioux symbol for the circle of life?

No, it’s just a cross that was designed by someone for MICAH. The outside rings are porous to reflect the free flow of people moving in and out of MICAH and also the reality that MICAH is not bound to a building or program but freely moves as God leads. It’s just a cross.

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Is MICAH a Presbyterian thing?

For many years the The First Presbyterian Church in Crookston MN supported MICAH as one of their mission projects. We are very grateful for these years of help and encouragement. Now MICAH has separated from FPC and our offices are no longer housed there. Even when we were located at the church however, MICAH was never Presbyterian per se. MICAH is not distinguished by, or limited to any particular denomination. MICAH is multi-denominational.

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Who is that bearded guy?

That picture is an icon of St. Anthony, one of the desert fathers. The Desert Fathers were a group of early Christians who went into the deserts of the Middles East to live their lives in full attention to God. An icon is a beautiful painting of a holy person that helps us to see the holy in our daily lives. It is not an image to pray to.

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Have more questions?

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