MICAH offers ministries for body, mind and spirit including contemplative and silent prayer, meditation, spirituality, spiritual direction, and retreat center.  The Family Practice and Integrative Medicine Center also offers holistic health and healing services including integrative, complimentary, alternative, and natural medicine, replacement therapy, natural healing, natural menopause, bio-identical hormones, and replacement therapy.

Thank You MICAH Contributors

Over the years many people have contributed to MICAH in creative and beautiful ways. On this page we attempt to acknowledge those who have given. However, whether mentioned or not we are grateful to all.

It is often through the gracious gifts of others that God becomes known in the world. We are very aware that this vision could not have become a reality without the gifts offered by so many. These gifts have taken the form of legal work, volunteering, prayers, partnership with us, physical work, and donations of supplies, finances, and time. For this we thank you!

A Special Thank You...


  • to Ralph Pester for all his work in seeding the new MICAH driveway
  • to the Montagues for donating the beautiful dinnerware and glasses
  • to Gary and Lori Hoerner for storing the MICAH truck over the winter season
  • to the Brantner family for your kind donation
  • to Gary and Lori Hoerner for storing the MICAH truck again over the winter
  • to Carol and Bill Montague for donating mixing bowls
  • to Laura and Dale Charis for donating towels
  • to Robert Lundberg for a $50 donation
  • to Norm and Amy Ellingston for their monetary donation
  • to Marjorie Murray for a monetary donation
  • to Judy Magsam for a monetary donation


  • to Gary and Lori Hoerner for taking care of and storing the MICAH truck over the winter season
  • to the Brantner family for their generous contribution to MICAH
  • to Judy Magsam for her kind donation to MICAH


  • to Dan and Vicki Svedarsky for the trundle bed.
  • to Colleen and Percy Blake for their kind donation in memory of Percy's father James E. Blake.
  • to the First Presbyterian Church Quilters for their wonderful contribution of 12 quilts for the MICAH Retreat Building.
  • to the Hoerners for storing the MICAH truck each winter and for replacing the cracked windshield.
  • to Ralph Pester for graveling the MICAH Retreat driveway.
  • to the Presbyterian Church Quilters for donating a beautiful quilt to the MICAH Retreat Center.


  • to the Ellingstons, Brantners, and Dan and Debra's friend Nancy for their generous contributions.
  • to the Millers and the Morgans for furniture donations for the MICAH Retreat Building.
  • to Jill and Mario Schisanos for their kind donation in memory of Jill's father Dr. Franklin Janecky.
  • to everyone who donated to the MICAH kitchen shower.
  • to Jo Dewhurst for the beautiful handmade pine needle tray.
  • to Campus Ministry for all their help.


  • to all who helped purchase the amazing MICAH snowblower.
  • to Campus Ministry for all their help and the UMC class for thier help with the green roof.


  • to Craig and Linda Morgan of a small tractor in 2005 to help us maintain our property! The small tractor has already been put to good use on the site.
  • to Glen Finkenbinder for single-handedly finishing the floor in the yurt, it looks beautiful!


First Presbyterian Church of Crookston


Stanley and Dorothy Wolpert

Yeda and Dave Arscott


Laura Martinson

Dwain Fagerlund


Judy Magsum

Willard and JoAnn Brunelle


Wayne and Lori Folkers

RiverView Healthcare
Board of Directors


Dave Kildahl

Deb, Joy, and Bill


Dyan Rey

Jack and Audrey Eickhoff


Laura Charais

Those from the FPC who went
to the Presbytery meeting
Eickhoffs, Pesters, Roelofs,
Brantners, John J.


Steve and Robin Silverman

Adam Wolpert


Maria Bowen

Holly Ellram


John and Roger Janssen

Dave and Connie Nelson


Stephan Robberts

Norman and Amy Ellingson


The Finkenbinders

Eduardo Barrios



Percy Blake


Bonnie Peterson

Ross Seed Company


Don Schraeder

Bob Ross


Youth Specialties

City of Crookston


Presbytery of the Northern Plains

Our Summer Visitors


Chuck Traylor

Mount St. Benedict


Tricia Johnson

Dragseth Farms


Teresa Blythe

Charles Coursey


Chris with Otter Tail Power

Craig and Linda Morgan