MICAH offers ministries for body, mind and spirit including contemplative and silent prayer, meditation, spirituality, spiritual direction, and retreat center.  The Family Practice and Integrative Medicine Center also offers holistic health and healing services including integrative, complimentary, alternative, and natural medicine, replacement therapy, natural healing, natural menopause, bio-identical hormones, and replacement therapy.

Our Services & Programs

Year-long Health and Spirituality Program

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For more informaiton or to register please contact Trey at trey.crxpres@midconetwork.com or (218) 280-4917.


What to Expect

The Health and Spirituality Yearlong Comprehensive Healing Program is available to you no matter where you live. Each of the following five components that makeup the program can be accessed either by coming in person or over the phone.

The Five Components of the Health and Spirituality Program

  1. Integrative Medicine Consultation and Evaluation
    Our Health and Spirituality Team including Debra Bell, MD, our Integrative Medicine Physician, will assess your Questionnaire and Health History Form. We will discuss with you your hopes for healing and wholeness, give experienced feed back and direction, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
    For those who are interested and choose to come to the center a complete physical exam and lab testing is available. Many insurances will pay for this however if your insurance does not cover the exam and lab testing it will be added as an out-of-pocket cost. We will be glad to discuss this option with you.
  2. A Personalized Program
    Your comprehensive Health and Spirituality Program is tailor made to address your specific mental, physical, and spiritual needs. After your initial consultation our staff will help you put together a year long plan with monthly goals that reflect your specific interests. Are you hoping to focus on nutrition and fitness? Are you interested in simplifying your life? Would you like to learn to pay greater attention to your choices and activities?We'll help you develop a personalized program using our Life Journey Themes as a guide. The result will be a tailor made program that pays attention to your specific physical, mental, and spiritual characteristics.
    Learn more abouth program themes >>
  3. Monthly Reflection
    Each month we will spend time with you in conversation and reflection. In these one-hour reflection sessions we will listen to you, discern together, answer questions, give direction, and be a support and encouragement to you in your journey toward health and wholeness.
  4. Discounts on Supplements
    The on site supplements consist of a variety of vitamins, herbal and nutritional products. They are only available to participants in the Health and Spirituality Program and patients of the Integrative Medicine Center and are not available for sale to the general public. The supplements carried are largely from companies that only distribute to professional offices. This provides access to certain combinations and doses that otherwise would not be available to you. As part of the Health and Spirituality Program you will receive a 30% discount on the retail price of the supplements. Please note: supplements are an elective service. You are not required to purchase or use any of our supplements.
  5. Year End Evaluation and Life Plan
    At the end of your Health and Spirituality Program an exit evaluation will be given by our staff. We will also take time to discuss how you can implement a realistic life plan that will help you on your continuing journey toward health and wholeness. Finally, we can discuss with you the possibility of a six or twelve month follow up.

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Program Covenant

The success of your Health and Spirituality Program depends on your involvement. If you don’t think you have time for the program or if you’re not at a place in your life where you’re ready to make the effort for change then we suggest joining at a later time. To gain the most benefits from this unique program we ask that you read and agree with the covenant below.

What you can expect from us:

  1. Genuine interest in you and your journey toward healing.
  2. Willingness to spend time and effort on your program.
  3. Being professional and full of integrity.
  4. Sticking with you and encouraging you through the yearlong program.
  5. Honesty in your achievements and setbacks.

What we can expect from you:

  1. Accepting who you are and where you currently are physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  2. Willingness to make time and effort for this program.
  3. Timely scheduled appointments.
  4. Sticking with the program through its yearlong completion.
  5. Honesty in your achievements and setbacks.

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