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The Collapse of the Tree Story Universe

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The Collapse of the Three Story Universe: Christianity in an Age of Science

by Daniel Wolpert

Who Says Heavevn is Up?

The purpose of this book is to try and present a series of images that will allow us to understand how it is indeed possible for an invisible being, God, to be part of our material reality, the universe, in an manner that is both significant and consistent with what we currently understand about that reality.

This work is organized along theological lines, using theological categories from the Christian faith as a framework on which to paint this new image. This exploration also relies on contemplative practice and teachings as a method for examining reality, as the spiritual tradition will help us see all things new. Such a discussion will be useful on several fronts.

One is for the person of faith inside the church who may, consciously or unconsciously, be anxious about discussing a faith built upon a model of reality, the Three-Story Universe, they know to be false. I believe that if this person had another more consistent model or image to draw from that they would be more confident about being a person of faith in the modern world.

Hopefully this work will also be of help to the thousands of people who have left the church precisely because they can no longer deal with a faith based upon an image of material reality that is untrue. Perhaps if they had an image of faith and reality that was more consistent they would be able to reconnect with their faith lives in a more meaningful way.

Finally, I hope that this work will be useful in interfaith dialogue. People of different faiths continue to kill one another by the thousands often because of differences in doctrine and dogma. But what if the images of our faith began to derive from the common image of the universe that we all, wether we are willing to admit it or not, share? Perhaps we could begin to relate to each other from a stance and posture that was more peaceful.

Life with God Series

by Daniel Wolpert

"A community's deepening prayer life depends on an effective spiritual leader."

Leading a Life with God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership by Daniel Wolpert

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Leading a Life with God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership

Many are willing to assume this role, but some aspiring guides have trouble making the transition from an individual practice to leading a group. Wolpert demonstrates how personal devotion can evolve into leadership practice.

Bestselling spiritual leadership books "provide insights from secular leadership disciplines and then add a paragraph about how these disciplines should be 'led by the Spirit,'" writes Wolpert. "I have yet to find a resource describing in depth how to be led by the spirit. Such is the purpose of this volume."

Like his previous title Creating a Life with God, Leading a Life with God focuses on forms of prayer that offer ways to discern God's calling and introduces you to historical figures who best illuminate each practice. These include:

  • the Jesus Prayer
  • the examen
  • contemplative prayer
  • praying the Bible
  • praying among nature
  • creativity as prayer

Make prayer an effective component of your congregation's spiritual life and ministry. As Wolpert concludes, "The spiritual life is way too precious to keep to ourselves but rather is a banquet to be shared."

Leading a Life with God contains detailed appendix material, including "A Step-by-Step Guide to the Prayer Practices" and "A Retreat Model."

Leading a Life with God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership by Daniel Wolpert

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Leading a Life with God: Group Training Curriculum

A group training curriculum for Leading a Life with God.

We are exploring possible ways to train and lead others through this spiritual formation process. The various prompts and exercises are intended to draw participants into deeper reflection and to assist staff members and other church leaders explore and develop their spiritual life, including their relationship with Christ and with each other.

It is intended for small groups or individuals who choose to read the chapters of the text and begin to practice the forms of praying outlined in the Leading a Life With God Appendix.

Available from the Upper Room Bookstore as a downloadable pdf file.

Creating a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert

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Ctreating a Life with God by Daniel Wolpert

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Creating a Life with God: The Call of Ancient Prayer Practices

"This book is truly about life with God: a life in which the awareness and consciousness of God sweep us off our feet the way a lover would. It is about taking on the mind of Christ, a process that is a journey, the journey of prayer."

So begins Wolpert's invitation to fully experience the lifeline God offers us in prayer. Creating a Life with God goes beyond the rote prayers that so many of us have experienced and found wanting. In fact, Wolpert admits that his own frustration with the formula prayers and his unsettled longing immediately after college led to his search for a different kind of prayer, one that's "a deep conversation with God beginning with communion and leading to transformation." Prayer illuminates our minds, enabling the love of God to permeate all that we do.

The purpose of this book is to nourish a deeper, more satisfying prayer life. Wolpert explains 12 prayer practices and introduces you to historical figures who best illuminate each practice. You'll discover new ways to pray through

  • experiencing solititude and silence
  • using your mind and imagination
  • using your body and creativity
  • connecting with nature and community You'll discover how classical approaches to God can deepen your prayer life today.

An appendix offers step-by-step instructions for practicing the Jesus Prayer and the prayer of examen, for walking the labyrinth, and more.

Creating a Life with God is suitable for both individual and small group study.


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A group in Eagan, MN are going to use the book for a new small faith group.
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Holy Doodles

by Trey Everett

"I really like the idea of taking complex spiritual or theological ideas that we often don’t think about that much
or they just seem really cloudy or maybe we just ignore and then drawing a little picture of it
so that people really kind of notice that and take a second look and go, ‘Oh,’"


Holy Doodles to Contemplate Booklet: Volume 2Holy Doodles to Contemplate Booklet: Volume 1Holy Doodles books, greeting cards and prints are availble for order.
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Cooking with the Spirit:
Healthy Cooking for Everyday Life

MICAH has a blog based off the popular cooking classes we have been offering. As a continuation of the principles taught, we decided to start a blog where the class participants and others can exchange healthy cooking recipes, ask questions, and encourage each other as we journey toward healthier eating.

Check it out at: http://cookingwiththespirit.blogspot.com/

Notebooks Availabe:

Notebooks from Cooking with the Spirit classes are available for $10. This first notebook covers salads and stir fries. The notebooks include information about: whole grains, oils, food additives, conventionally grown crops, website resources, cookbook suggestions, and recipes.