MICAH offers ministries for body, mind and spirit including contemplative and silent prayer, meditation, spirituality, spiritual direction, and retreat center.  The Family Practice and Integrative Medicine Center also offers holistic health and healing services including integrative, complimentary, alternative, and natural medicine, replacement therapy, natural healing, natural menopause, bio-identical hormones, and replacement therapy.

Cooking with the Spirit

Debra Bell, MD and Corene Everett offer classes and demonstrations on healthy nutrition and cooking with healthy ingredients. Previous classes have included: Salads, Stir fries, Healthy breakfasts, Cooking with Soy. Material can be tailored to specific groups.

Watch our events page for upcoming classes and demonstrations or contact Trey Everett at (218) 280-4917 to arrange for a class or demonstration for your group.

Health and Spirituality Retreats

Debra Bell, MD and Daniel Wolpert have given presentations and offered retreats about Integrative Medicine and Health and Spirituality throughout the region. Material is tailored to meet the needs of the group for either professional or lay populations. Services include complete organization of a retreat, or consultation and participation as a team, keynote addresses, workshops, experiential programs and worship services.

Topics in the past have been general overviews or specific topics to meet the focus of a particular conference or retreat such as:

  • Women’s Health
  • Nutrition
  • Stress Reduction
  • Healthy Heart
  • Health for Seniors
  • Health in ministry
  • Chronic Pain
  • Sustainability
  • Health, Spirituality and Economics

Watch our events page for upcoming classes and retreats.


Over the years, MICAH has partnered with our local and regional Public Health Departments to provide educational events on food, healthy eating, and nutrition. These have been day long events that include lecture, food and cooking demonstrations, and unique educational resources (for one example see our video on grocery shopping). We are always available to partner with your organization to help create these sorts of educational events.

The Health and Spirituality ProgramYear-Long Health & Spirituality Program

Healing and wholeness require more than one visit to the doctor, an appointment with your counselor, or a Sunday service. At the Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing we have developed the Health and Spirituality Program because we believe everyone has the potential of being authentically healthy and whole.

This yearlong comprehensive healing program is dedicated to helping you pay attention to your complete self. You will be given specific tools, individualized direction, and helpful encouragement from an experienced and diverse staff that genuinely cares about you and your quality of life.

Our Health & Spirituality Program will give you the personalized support you need on your journey toward becoming fully alive.

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Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction? Who is it for? How do I know if it's for me?

Spiritual direction is the art of becoming aware of the energy, presence, and love of God in your life.

A spiritual director is not a counselor or psychotherapist but someone who listens to your story in a deep way and helps bring your attention to where God may be particularly active in your life.

"Although spiritual direction has had a burst of new life, it is really quite ancient. Spiritual directionis a time-honored term for a conversation, ordinarily between two persons, in which one person consults another, more spiritually experienced person about the ways in which God may be touching her or his life, directly or indirectly. In our postmodern age, many people dislike the term 'spiritual direction' because it sounds like one person giving directions, or orders, to another. They prefer 'spiritual companionship,' 'tending the holy,' or some other nomenclature. What we call it doesn't make any real difference. The reality remains conversations about life in the light of faith."
- Marian Cowan, CSJ

Spiritual direction might be for you if...

  • you find yourself wondering "where is God in all of this?"
  • you need to make a crucial decision and want help and discernment.
  • your relationship with God is growing and you want to share and celebrate that.
  • your relationship with God feels stale and seek guidance.
  • you seek a someone to share your faith journey with.

Dan and Trey have been offering spiritual direction for a number of years. We work with all faith backgrounds including "spiritual but not religious.” We invite you to consider if spiritual direction is for you.

  • Spiritual Direction can take place in person, over the phone, and by computer.
  • Each session is about 50 minutes. The fee is $40.

For more information or to make an appointment:

  • Contact Trey at (218) 280-4917
  • Contact Dan at (218) 280-3846


Spiritual Direction Consultations at PGIHH-ANW:

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing (PGIHH-ANW) outpatient clinic in Minneapolis offers Spiritual Direction Consultations, provided by Rev. Daniel Wolpert, M.Div., MA.

Spiritual Direction Consultations are a method of healing conversation that allows us to listen deeply to our relationship with the Divine presence in the universe. For some this means deepening our relationship with God, as we understand God. For others, this may mean something more generic: a sacred time to become more whole or aware. Spiritual Direction can occur no matter what one’s religious beliefs or if you don’t have religious beliefs. Spiritual Direction is healing because we are most healthy when our body, mind, and spirit are balanced and non-anxious. Spiritual Direction helps us to attend to the Spirit ‘part’ of who we are.

Appointments are 60 minutes, offered during daytime and evening hours, at a retail rate of $55 per session.

To schedule:

  • Providers can place an order for AMB Consult for Integrative Medicine [207375] and specify Spiritual Direction
  • Patients can call (612) 863-3333 and request Spiritual Direction
  • Patients and/or providers can stop by the PGIHH-ANW front desk to schedule