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2015 News

June 2015

Lonnie Dupre the Polar Explorer Visits Crookston

Lonnie Dupre, polar explorer, came to Crookston in April to speak at the University of Minnesota and at Highland Elementary. Lonnie stayed at MICAH. We had a nice visit and enjoyed hearing stories about almost literally being eaten by a polar bear and hitching a ride from the North Pole on a Russian nuclear submarine. In 2015 Lonnie became the first person to solo climb Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak, in January.

During an arctic career spanning 25 years, Lonnie Dupre has traveled over 15,000 miles throughout the high arctic and polar regions by dog team, ski and kayak. His path has often followed in the footsteps of the Arctic explorers of the last century – Robert E. Peary, Roald Amundsen and Knud Rasmussen. Like them, Lonnie has lived and traveled with the Polar Inuit, learning from these hardy people and developing a deep appreciation for their culture and way of life.So is his belief in ones ability to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles that may stand between an individual and their dream. The success of his arctic expeditions, with the extreme physical, mental and logistical hurdles they have represented, stand as testament to this.

You can find out more about Lonnie at his website www.oneworldendeavors.com.




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